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More Than Conquerors

I’ve come to accept that sadness, confusion, anger, and depression will be making regular appearances in my life. Grief—especially the grief over your child—will not fade. When I consider how it might be different to lose a child versus losing someone else I love, I cannot honestly compare. To date, I haven’t lost another loved one. However, I do know that even over a year and a half later I still wake up every day hoping that THIS will be the day I get to see Emma again. I don’t ever pine for “an hour to visit” with Emma, as I hear others mentioning. I do not want visits with Emma. I want Emma, and if that means I am in Heaven, so be it.

A struggle, as I said.
But this week, after a grueling bout of sadness and frustration the last few weeks, I had a revelation. I do not have to live here. I do not have to resign myself to depression for all of my days. Yes, I will always struggle with missing Emma tremendously. But I don’t have to give in and just be depressed. The Bible tells us w…

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