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Peace, peace, who's got the peace?

Rest in peace. Peace be with you. Peace, love, and hair grease. Peace talks. Make your peace.

We live in a world searching for peace, right? There is so much pain to be found, yet little peace to comfort for it.

I have nightmares regularly. I don't talk about it much because, honestly...cry me a river, right? Everyone has problems. But these nightmares sometimes can be downright disturbing, and the feeling lasts all day. On those days, I really need a great big helping of peace.

I really love Disney (movies, parks, princesses). I can often distract myself with Disney stuff, but it doesn't give me peace at all. As soon as my mind loses focus on that, my crumby feelings rush back.

Jesus is the only peace to be found. He is hope. He is peace. When I move my focus to Him, my disturbia goes away (for the record, I don't know if disturbia is a word, ha!). Have you found your peace in Him? I hope so, and if not I hope you'll give
Him a try. <3

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